About Us

The only scholarship source service for international students

We are a group of ex-international students scattered within North America, with diversified ethnic and geographical backgrounds (Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and Australia). The Academist was founded in December 2015 in Katy, Texas, and incorporated in 2017 with the aim to help aspiring international students looking to study in the U.S., Canada and Australia with necessary information, especially scholarships.

Our experience during our seamless academic achievement in the U.S. and Canada was aided by multiple financial ease (scholarships). Education is expensive, and we want to help other students have this seamless achievement, financially.

According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, the most significant barrier to education abroad is financial; 80% of students require financial assistance in order to participate.

We have a team of researchers, who do a thorough research work in ensuring you get the best, up-to-date and most accurate scholarship information.

Apart from scholarship information, it’s a scanty process finding all information about schooling in North America, such as finding the best fit school in terms of GPA, or a school which offers your desired major, these were other reasons we made you this one-stop-shop platform.

Our desire is to grow further in serving you better, and make education transcend borders.

From our diversified team, we say:

Thank you

Je vous remercie




Dank u well